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Our practical experience allows us

to provide our clients with

outside-the-box strategies

 which result in cost-effective solutions

 in today's challenging times.




Contract Negotiations

We represent employers in a wide variety of industries and have negotiated with a multitude of national unions.  Many of our attorneys have obtained practical experience in the labor field prior to entering the legal profession.  It is this practical experience that sets us apart from other law firms.  Using a step-by-step approach, our attorneys, with the direct involvement of the employer, review and assess the impact of non-economic and economic terms in a labor contract.


Our attorneys also regularly serve as the chief spokesperson in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements in the private and public sectors.  We formulate and develope strategies with management - setting specific goals to achieve in negotiation.  We successfully negotiate contracts to eliminate inefficiency, promote flexibility, and reduce or, at a minimum, contain labor costs to allow the employer to respond to market conditions and meet its budgetary goals.



We are acutely aware that labor issues are an on-going process and do not end with the ratification of a collective bargaining agreement.  Our attorneys provide ongoing guidance and advice to management on interpretation of labor contracts.  As such, we strive to enforce the negotiated terms and avoid past practices that dilute the terms and conditions.


Labor Litigation

Labor litigation requires a separate skill-set from traditional litigation.  We regularly represent clients in responding to and defending management’s decisions in the grievance and arbitration procedure.  Our attorneys have successfully represented private and public sector employers before the NLRB and PERC, and at fact-finding, mediation, and arbitration proceedings addressing discipline and rights disputes throughout the United States.


Our attorneys have the unique skills that are necessary to be successful in arbitration where the lack of a formal discovery process and relaxation of evidence rules requires an advocate to be able to think on his/her feet and be ready to “expect the unexpected.”  We possess a deep understanding of the complexities of the labor management relationship, collective bargaining, and operation of the grievance procedure.