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Our attorneys are ever mindful of the heavy burden that a lawsuit places on our clients’ time, resources, and finances.  We are committed to providing prompt and specific recommendations which have made Jasinski, P.C. one of the premier law firms in our field.


Regardless of whether a client’s matter is limited to a single claim or multiple claims, our focus is simple - early and honest assessment of strategic issues in order to contain risk and minimize exposure.  We believe in preparation at every stage of litigation from discovery, motion practice and, if necessary, presentation to a jury or an appeal tribunal.  We have, when required, presented our cases before juries throughout the United States.  


Defense to Wage and Hour Claims

There is a steady increase in the filing of class, collective, and hybrid action wage and hour lawsuits.  If a company relies on the independent contractor model to provide contract services, there is a good chance that it may be named in these lawsuits.  Our detailed knowledge of this area of the law, our seasoned litigators, and our cost-effective and cohesive approach to defending these claims, makes us the right choice.


We recognize that a class and collective action that is not properly defended can have significant, and sometimes devastating, financial consequences on a company.  We take pride in our ability to place our clients in a strong defensive position.  We utilize "outside-the-box" tactical solutions to combat the growing number of class and collective actions facing companies.  We provide our clients with legal advice and useful tips in order to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws and ward off potential litigation.  Whether it is actively litigating against a class or collective action or negotiating a favorable settlement, we work with our clients to find the best possible course of action for their business.


Employment Practices Liability Defense

We recognize that when providing an employment practices liability defense, the insured and the carrier are our clients.  As such, we balance an aggressive defense while controlling the costs.  We recognize the clients' desire to eliminate any surprises and be able to anticipate the consequences of various courses of action.  Open communication with the carrier and insured is of paramount importance to us.  In that light, not only do we partner with the insured in defending against a claim, we provide regular comprehensive reports that contain accurate and expeditious assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of a case in order for a carrier to make a cost-benefit analysis at every stage of the litigation.