Labor Law

Jasinski, P.C. is one of the premier firms in the field of labor law.

Contract Negotiations

Our attorneys consistently serve as the chief spokesperson in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements in both the public and private sectors. Significantly, we have represented clients in a wide variety of industries and have negotiated with a multitude of national unions as well as local bargaining units. Many of our attorneys obtained practical experience prior to entering the legal profession. It is this practical experience that sets us apart from other law firms. Using a step-by-step approach, our attorneys, with the direct involvement of the employer, review and assess the impact of non-economic and economic terms of the labor contract.

Our attorneys’ extensive experience in the area of labor law allows them to provide clients with “outside-the-box” strategies that are of paramount importance to employers who need cost effective solutions in challenging times. Jasinski, P.C. formulates and develops strategies with management– setting specific goals to achieve over the course of the negotiations. We successfully negotiate contracts to eliminate inefficiency, promote flexibility and reduce or, at a minimum, contain labor costs to allow the employer to respond to market conditions and meet its budgetary goals.


Jasinski, P.C. is acutely aware that labor issues are an on-going process and do not end with the ratification of a collective bargaining agreement. Our attorneys are always available to provide guidance and advise management on the interpretation of the collective bargaining agreements.

With respect to public sector employers or school districts, attorneys in Jasinski, P.C. attorneys routinely advise clients about the risks and potential liabilities of taking adverse employment actions (i.e., tenure charges, increment withholding, transfers, terminations, non-renewals and reductions in force).

Labor Litigation

Jasinski, P.C. routinely represents clients in responding to and defending grievances. Labor litigation requires a separate skill-set from traditional litigation. Our attorneys are extremely comfortable and prepared, resulting in it successfully representing private and public sector employers before the NLRB and PERC and at fact-findings, mediation and arbitration proceedings throughout New Jersey and the United States.

Our attorneys have the unique skill-set necessary to be successful in arbitrations where the lack of a formal discovery process and relaxation of evidentiary rules requires an advocate to be able to think on his/her feet and be ready to “expect the unexpected.” Attorneys in our attorneys are multi-faceted and possess a deep understanding of the complexities of the labor-management relationship, collective bargaining and the grievance process.

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