Our attorneys are ever mindful of the heavy burden that a lawsuit presents to our clients—in time, resources, and money.

As such, Jasinski, P.C. aims to provide swift and specific recommendations to defend against litigated matters. Our attorneys take pride in their legal abilities and litigation experience which has made Jasinski, P.C. successful over many years of service to our clients.

Regardless of whether a client’s matter is limited to a single concern or numerous issues, Jasinski, P.C.’s primary focus regarding litigation management is simple: early assessment of strategic issues in litigation to minimize exposure. This approach is driven by an active, concentrated approach to limit exposure as soon as practicable. It has been our experience that the most effective litigation strategy requires the brutally frank evaluation of risk early and often. Jasinski, P.C. is dedicated to providing each client with this type of aggressive defense coupled with the cost-conscious strategies necessary in today’s challenging economic environment.

We employ the adage of “the best defense is a good offense” by attacking an adversary’s case from the moment it is in our hands. Thorough preparation at every phase of the litigation from discovery, motion practice and, ultimately, presentation of a case to a court or tribunal translates into a powerful and persuasive presentation. Our attorneys plan a course of attack methodically and logically, often times forcing an adversary into an unsustainable position.

Jasinski, P.C. has built a strong reputation through its willingness to call an adversary’s bluff and to try appropriate cases. Our attorneys will not capitulate to an adversary’s outrageous settlement demands, and if required, Jasinski, P.C. has a number of well respected, experienced lawyers ready to take a client’s case to trial.

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Jasinski, P.C. provides expert service in a wide array of legal matters. As leaders in our practice areas with proven results, our clients rely on us.



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